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Hip & Body belt

Hip & Body belt

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Brand Name: AMYOGA

Origin: Mainland China

About this item:

HIGH QUALITY - We use soft extended non-slip padding to ensure the hip thrust belt pad stays in place,unlike traditional barbell pads.We’ve stress tested the dumbbells hip thrust belt,certified to hold up to 100lbs.
Easy to Use - Just 3 steps to start hip thrust exercise.Step1 simply loop the straps through dumbbells; Step2 thread the strap through the adjustment buckle according to the arrow; Step3 thread the strap through the other end of the adjustment.
Multipurpose - One piece of equipment for multiple sports. Our hip thrust pad works with dumbbells, kettlebells and plates.Great for dumbbell hip thrust,glute bridge,squats,lunges,dips,reverse hyper extensions,b stance hip thrust ,single leg hip thrust,side lunges and more.
Take Anywhere - Don't miss a workout because you're on the go or can't get to the gym - You can use this hip thrust belt for travel, office, gym and at home.

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